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OC20 newbie question re network design

Hi All,


I have a site that is setup with OC20 APs and they are fantastic! The setup is as follows - ISP Router/DHCP ->OC Switch-> APs. Very simple setup which is what I like. However, the powers that be on that site decided to change ISP and swopped out the router for a new one. Since then I have lost access to the site from the smartphone app. My question is - do I have to reset the APs again and setup a brand new Wifi? and or  is there any way to mitigate against this going forward (without having to get too complicated and needed a engineer callout, i.e. if the router was changed again ). Thanks for your help, I'm looking forward to your replies.

Aruba Employee

Re: OC20 newbie question re network design

Dear Steve,

Thanks for endorsing OC20 . I am the product manager for OC20. I have gone through the similar situation recently- ISPs changes, I did not have to reset APs at that time.

If you still have difficulties, you may contact me at catherine.xun@hpe.com. 

Best regards



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