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OS 6.4 and AP-61

Dear All;


I have an Aruba Controller 3600 with OS and a lot of AP-61,AP-68 and IAP-93.

Now I purchased a new 15 IAP-103, but cannot join the controller.


I have to upgrade the controller to OS 6.4 but as I read at release notes it not supporeted AP-61.

What can I do ??



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Re: OS 6.4 and AP-61

You can either use your new IAP-103 in Instant mode or replace your AP-61s. 

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
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Re: OS 6.4 and AP-61

You have to make a choice, unfortunately. 



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Re: OS 6.4 and AP-61

Thank you for All Replies ;


So OS 6.4 doesn't support AP-61,  Although the end of support date for AP-61 is 31-May-16. it's make a confusion.

Re: OS 6.4 and AP-61

end-of-support means TAC will no longer support the AP but because Aruba will offer different version of AOS, the AP-61 will remain supported on AOs 6.3 until the end of support date for the AP.
Pasquale Monardo | Senior Network Solutions Consultant
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