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Re: OS X Mojave and ios 12.x

I think if they're going to switch locations for where its made available they should either completely delete it in the old location, or make a new 3.1.3 folder with a document in it that says to go look on the app store.


We would do our deploying with Quest Kbox.  I'm not the manager of that system, but my understanding is that I'd need to provide them an installer before they could provision the client to our Macs.  I don't think ith as an option to provision from the app store.  How does that work without being able to download the installer?


Also we're just getting started with via and I haven't done this yet, but I thought that it automatically kept its clients updated, and assumed that the way it did that was that if a newer installer was updated to the controller it would know to update a client when it connected.  Am I wrong about how that works?  How is that done if I can't download an installer to give it?

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Re: OS X Mojave and ios 12.x

I don't know anything and Kbox - and not a whole lot about jamf - but users can directly download the VIA app and then it will be auto-updated. Many systems do need the installer - some of them can "build" it from a system that runs some software while the install is happening then it does the diff and can install it - but I haven't done that at all. 

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Re: OS X Mojave and ios 12.x

The proper way to install the app would be via VPP and DEP (technically these are the old names and they generally fall under the new "Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager" generally. If your macs are enrolled via DEP (Device Enrollment Program) your MDM solution (in our case we use JAMF) can "push" the app you get via Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. This also allows the app to auto update if you'd like via the app store. Ultimately, this is the right way to start creating and deploying macOS apps especially when they require frequent updates so Aruba is really doing the right thing here even if it is a departure from the traditional method. Some links below for your reading. 


Apple Business Manager:



JAMF VPP App Deployment Guide for macOS:


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