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OSPF Setup

I've been looking through the Aruba User Guide for version 6.3.  On page 180, Figure 21 shows how one controller connected to two different routers.  I have some questions about the diagram as well as controller configuration.  

1) Can I assume that Router 1 and Router 2 are connected together somehow in the network that is not shown?

2) How do you configure the controller to be on a separate IP address than clients or the links to the routers

3) How does this design handle redundant controllers (LMS/BLMS or VRRP)

4) How does traffic flow? What happens if the internet is connected to router 2?

5) This is a great example, but without having a view of the entire config, it is hard to set this up in one's own environment.  Can someone provide this?






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Re: OSPF Setup

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Quite frankly, very few people run OSPF between their Routers and Aruba Controllers  They normally just bridge user traffic from controllers to layer3 switches and whatever protocols the layer3 switches are running, bridging the traffic to them leverages that routing or redundancy.


One practical situation where OSPF is run between controllers and routing infrastructure is if you have RAPs connecting to controllers in disparate datacenters.  The primary controller would advertise reachability for a subnet that clients on a RAP would need to be on.  When there is failover, either a lower priority or a floating static route would satisfy RAPs failing over from one controller to another.  Those clients would be able to maintain their same ip addresses and reachability for that specific client subnet would be shifted to the new controller.


Outside of that there are some corner cases where OSPF would provide reachability for different paths to the internet, BUT, that could easily be provided by a single router or dual routers that are already providing this reachability to other devices.


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Maybe somebody can chime in on the utility of the diagram above in a way that is useful for you.  I just want to save you some time.


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