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OUI classification not working?

I have a large number of rogues hitting the default classification in RAPIDS.


On inspection the problems seems to be with OUI score..

My rules are something like this:

1) Rogues = >-75, OUI score between 2 and 4

2) Sus. Rogues = >-75, OUI score 1

3) Otherwise unclassified


So when I look at a particular example it should have a OUI score of 3:


$grep 00-0B-6B /usr/local/airwave/lib/perl/Mercury/OUI/updates/oui_data.csv

"00-0B-6B","Wistron Neweb Corp.","Wistron Neweb Corp.","1","1","1",""


But it clearly hits rule 3 due to a score of 0, since signal is > -75.


Otherwise the rules work as I can change them and rogues get reclassified. Am I missing something about the way OUI score works or is this an issue?






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Re: OUI classification not working?

Following up, it certainly seems to an issue with Airwave. 


Any working rule that has any combination of OUI score added to it produces no matches. Min of 1 should match anything but matches nothing, looking very much like OUI is 0 regardless or a broken score.


Re: OUI classification not working?

Please open a support case to help track this as a defect.

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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Re: OUI classification not working?

Don't really have the 4 hours of unpaid time this typically takes.


I believe this qualifies as an old feature that has become broken through an update and was probably not included as part of any automated test routines. 

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