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Objective of clientCountTrigger at Airwaves7.7


The description of airwaves7.7 getting started guide is below.
The Client Count triggers can be useful for alerting you when traffic is either unusually high, or in some cases, unusually low.
Does it mean traffic about one specific client or all clients associated under one AP? And can you tell if high or low traffic is not the number of clients?
I'd like to know when this alert should be used properly.


Re: Objective of clientCountTrigger at Airwaves7.7

I've seen the client count trigger used for a couple of scenarios.  The first is to identify APs that may be oversubscribed; so by setting a trigger to alert when an AP has "x" number of clients for "y" amount of time.   You can also use the reverse logic of this to help identify APs that are not being used much (perhaps they are in an area that no one ever uses for example).


The description of "traffic" does not mean utilization; but rather number of clients.

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Re: Objective of clientCountTrigger at Airwaves7.7



Thanks Clembo


The number of clinets..

That makes me clear!




Re: Objective of clientCountTrigger at Airwaves7.7

you can also set it to alert for device type = controller.  If you have a particularly busy network, you might want to know if you are getting close to the platform limit for total number of devices.

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