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OmniPeek Remote Adapter CRC rate

I was wondering if anyone else is seeing a higher then normal CRC rate when using the remote adapter from Omnipeek? If you arent fimilar with the remote adpater you can use an Aruba AP as a sniffer and pull the traces back to Wildpackets Omnipeek remote adpater. Here is a quick video on the setup .. Jay from wilpackets even sent me a filter which allows Omnipeek to trigger an email when say test user X sends a deauth. 





I seem to get sperts of increased CRCs. Im also seeing this on the Cisco APs as well. I havent trired to compare what the actual radio is showing yet. In one case a test user said they disocnnected, I see the dauth in the trace, but Omnipeek seen it as a CRC.


Anyone else see anything like this ?






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