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Onboarding issue with IOS 11.2.1 and 11.2.2

Recently we are having an issue with onboard of IOS devices. Our clearpass based solution onboards with a certificate and Wi-Fi profile.

It now seems that, with at least IOS 11.2.1 and 11.2.2, the last step of the onboarding process failes. In this step the Wi-Fi profile is installed.


This most certainly worked in the past, and nothing was changed on the clearpass side. See attached pic for error. 


Strangely we do not get this error on Android 7.1.1. Is this a known IOS issue or do we need to look elsewhere?




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Re: Onboarding issue with IOS 11.2.1 and 11.2.2

Problem is solved! Apparently one of the clearpass units had a self signed HTTPS certificate. It's not clear why, but after we changed it to a publicly trusted cert the problem was solved!

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