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One SSID, with two ISP's/Networks

i have an interesting problem i'm about to encounter, i have a campus with two different buildings separated by about a 1000 yards. i have an ISP on each building, the building are connected using a VPN. i have about 15 aruba's IAP's (and growing). currently they are all connected to the same ISP/network.


my job is two split the IAP's between the two networks and have seemless client roaming between the two(one SSID). i'm not sure if IAP's are able to handle this, maybe i'll need two controllers and link the controllers together? i'm not sure how to procced, if someone has some advice it will be greatly appreciated. 


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Re: One SSID, with two ISP's/Networks



the partner or customer can access the software from the following portal.




You will need an HPE Passport Account and have the AirWave support contract added to your account.


You can also get the software from http://support.arubanetworks.com/ if you have an exisiting login.


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