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One to One NAT'ing on Aruba 3200

Hi All


We are trying to setup a one to one nat on an Aruba controller 3200 and not getting much success. We have found a few postings but applying their solutions has not helped either.


The scenario is shown below and posting it here to see if anyone has done this before and able to point us in the correct direction.


Thank you in advance




What we want to do

What we are trying to do is 1:1 NAT two public IP addresses to two corresponding internal IP addresses. 

As an example, the Public IP addresses and their corresponding internal NAT address are:

Public IP                                               Internal IP host                                                                   


What we have


We have 4 VLANs – 3, 31,32,999

The internal hosts LAN and are on wired VLAN 32

The controller

The controller is an Aruba 3200 XM and has 4 ports

  1. Port 1/2 is connected to VLANS 32, 31
  2. Port 1/3 is connected to the internet and is on different public IP address – say
  3. Port 1/3 is on the VLAN 999 (the native VLAN)

Wireless and Wired clients

We have both Wired and Wireless clients on VLAN 31


How can we redirect all traffic initiated from and to internal hosts and respectively.


Thanks in Advance


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