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OpenSSH public keys?

Can I connect to an Aruba Mobility Access Switch (specifically an S1500 running with an openSSH public key?


The manual suggest that I can, but it looks like the switch is expecting an x509 formatted cert (pubkey only) and I have had almost no luck getting this to work. Anyone with tips or tricks? I found the one KB article that mentions this, but it starts off with "Upload your cert" and makes no mention of the proper way to create this cert. This is not an expected step in my other switches, servers and routers that support ssh pubkey authentication.

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Re: OpenSSH public keys?

A bit late for you (and me), but I wrote a little shell script to convert ssh key to x509 – works for me™



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Re: OpenSSH public keys?

Didn't work for me, but it certainly let me get further than anything support gave me in 2014. Thanks!

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