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Optimal configuration IAP-335

Hi everyone. Hope all is well with you. I was wondering what would be the optimal RF configuration for two IAP-335 deployed in a 4,300 sqft brick apartment. They are connected to a Humax modem through a TP-Link 8p POE+ switch. The modem is connected to the ISP providing 250mb down / 20mb up. Below, it's the current config. Thank you in advance.

Airtime Fairness Mode: preferred Access

ClientMatch Calculating Interval: 3 seconds

ClientMatch Neighbor Matching: 60 %

ClientMatch Threshold: 5

Spectrum Load Balancing Mode: Channel + Radio

Min Transmit Power: 18

Max Transmit Power: Max

Client Aware: On

Scanning: On

Legacy Only: Off

802.11d / 802.11h: On

Beacon Interval: 100 ms

Interference Immunity Level: 2

Channel Switch Announcement Count: 0

Background Spectrum Monitoring: Off

Customize ARM Power Range: Off

Very High Throughput: On

Victor Soares
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