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Outdoor AP variable MaxEIRP

We're starting to deploy some outdoor APs for the first time, so my experience is new.  One odd thing I'm seeing is that the same exact models, are displaying different 5GHz MaxEIRP values.  I thought the MaxEIRP was a feature of the hardware and the Country  support?  So far the AP-277s have come up with MaxEIRP values of 28.5, 31, and 31.5.  Is this normal and related to which 5GHz channel they're on?


        Name ▲  AP Group ▲      AP IP ▼ Outer AP IP     AP Type .bg Clients/Channel/ EIRP/MaxEIRP/Standard      .a Clients/Channel/ EIRP/MaxEIRP/Standard       Enet 1 ▲        IPSEC ▲ Uptime ▲        PPPoE ▲ Flags
        ap-nc03-100a-1  Outdoor15    N/A     277     53/1/21/30.5/n(20)      36/153-/27/31/ac(40)    Standby disable 2h:24m:34s      disable A2da
        ap-nc32-100c-1  Outdoor15    N/A     277     19/6/21/30.5/n(20)      11/161-/27/31.5/ac(40)  Standby disable 23h:0m:14s      disable A2da
        ap-nc32-100f-1  Outdoor15    N/A     277     68/1/21/30.5/n(20)      38/36+/27/28.5/ac(40)   Standby disable 4d:2h:26m:10s   disable A2da
        ap-nc32-100k-1  Outdoor15    N/A     277     17/1/15/30.5/n(20)      54/48-/27/28.5/ac(40)   Standby disable 1d:2h:54m:59s   disable A2da
        ap-nc34-1c-1    Outdoor15     N/A     277     3/11/15/30.5/n(20)      7/157+/27/31.5/ac(40)   Standby disable 4d:4h:58m:41s   disable A2da
        ap-nc36-102-1   Outdoor15    N/A     277     4/11/15/30.5/n(20)      13/40-/27/28.5/ac(40)   Standby disable 4h:49m:38s      disable A2da

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Re: Outdoor AP variable MaxEIRP



Please see the thread here:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Wireless-Access/EIRP-anomaly/m-p/61742/highlight/true#M562

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