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Outdoor AP via coax POE

Howdy all,

I am currently considering an outdoor only implementation using a potential mix of AP-360, 370 and 270.


I have a vendor claiming they have a coax product they've used that would make this installation much easier.  No product link yet to share.  But, obviously, it needs to be able to support 1Gbs and POE+ at our required distances.


Essentially, it pulls the power and data from the existing POE+ switch and transmits over coax.  The plan is to use either RG-6 (minimum) or RG-11.  Most runs will be between 500-800ft.


On paper it looks like a great plan.  But... has anyone here tried POE over coax successfully on any scale with this type of outdoor AP?  What bad scenario with this setup should I consider?   Thanks all.

Re: Outdoor AP via coax POE

Without the company it's hard to know if it's reliable or accurate or not. If it can do 802.3at with 1G you should be fine. I've never seen one though.


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