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Outdoor Access Point 375 power over ethernet

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We are deploying Aruba outdoor Access Points Model number(JZ177A) 375 which has 2 ports(1 Copper & 1 SFP), we are planning to connect access point on optical fiber keeping in mind distance limitation of copper above 100 meters.


Vertical pole does not have feasibility for power source hence we are using POE+ injector to power on the access point and data over fiber optics.



Will it work, has anyone done that in past.




Re: Outdoor Access Point 375 power over ethernet

It will work fine to power with POE on the ENET and data connect on the fiber, just make sure the wired/POE is not providing DHCP to the AP. 

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Re: Outdoor Access Point 375 power over ethernet

To make the first connection to the AP over Optic SFP worked fine.
Problem was: as soon you add any configuration to the AP (like a SSID) it lost IP connection over sfp - enet1 / moved back to ethernet again and it worked.

in the CLI I could see that enet1 was set to bridge and had ip adress 169.x.x.x.
It took a couple of hours to find out why, not even support did now what was wrong. :-/

You must create a own Wired-port-profile for the SFP and deploy it to the enet1 interface. Like this example: My profil is called "Fiber"

wired-port-profile Fiber
switchport-mode trunk
allowed-vlan all
native-vlan 1
no shutdown
access-rule-name Fiber
speed auto
duplex auto
no poe
type employee
auth-server InternalServer
captive-portal disable
no dot1x

enet1-port-profile Fiber

This pages has information how to do:







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