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Outdoor Mesh over short distance - With some trees

Hello Everyone,


I'm working on a inital plan for an outdoor deployment. The customer has a park area which needs coverage and the only location with a wired connection is in a building in the center of some trees.


My plan is to have a AP-274 with ANT-2x2-5314 mounted to the roof of the building pointing towards the next access point. The AP-275 would be on a pole about 60m away, 12-15 meters up. Between the two there are about 3-5 large trees. As i understand there is no option to mount a mast on the building to put the 274 above the trees.


I have read online and others are saying that over 1/4 mile there is no way to run wifi through trees, but what about this shorter distance. Is 60-70 meters too far to expect a connection to be maintained? The speeds requierments are low, basic browsing and email. There is no VoIP requierd, and the customer has specified that it should be 'best effort' coverage and performance.


This is an initial plan and i have not been able to do a survey yet to see what kind of signal loss we get.


Any ideas about this? Has anyone done something similar. Any tips are appreciated. I know it's not an ideal situation, but i am trying to design something withing the requierments.


One other question. From what i have read in the Controller UG, you can configure the 5 GHz radio for both mesh backhaul and client services. This should be possible over 2-3 hops without a major impact in basic connectivity. I was wondering if IAP also support multi-hop mesh? I have setup a basic mesh with IAP where there is one hope, but i was wondering if the mesh point IAP also broadcasts the mesh SSID, and other further away APs can connect to that AP as well, or if only IAP with wired access broadcasts the mesh network.




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