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Outdoor mesh



I´ve got a problem with a outdoor mesh between 2 IAP367. It goes down every now and then becasue it detects rader. Sadly only DFS channels are allowed outdoors in sweden. 


I´ve read a post stating that 2,4ghz mesh isn´t possible on IAP, is this correct ?


Is 2,4ghz mesh supported on controller based ?


Any sugestions on how to solve this ?


Re: Outdoor mesh

2.4 GHz mesh is only supported on controller-based solutions. 


For the DFS triggers, you might try to open a TAC case to see if they can derive from the triggers if the DFS triggers are valid (likely they are, but can't hurt). Are you near the sea, or an airport, or weather station? Also upgrading to the latest IAP version may have better DFS trigger thresholds in it (esp if you are using one of the first versions of InstantOS that supported the 36x APs).

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