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Outdoor wireless coverage

Hello, I'm trying to plan a wireless project for outdoors. However I am considering using 802.11ac access points but want to check the range that they will cover but I cannot find anything on the internet that can give me a definitive answer. I am also struggling to find a definitive answer for 802.11n outdoor coverage as well. I am assuming because 802.11ac is only 5Ghz its going to be at 5Ghz distance for the area it will cover? Also how would band steering work for outdoors say if I was out of the range of 802.11ac but in range for the 2.4Ghz 802.11n, would it try and steer me to the ac network that I don't have coverage for but fail me to connect as im out of range? Thanks



Re: Outdoor wireless coverage

There's a prior thread on the AP-275 showing the antenna coverage pattern here:

That may help, although it's a little hard to read in the post.


We use them in our warehouse yards and I have to turn them down to reduce overlap ;)



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Re: Outdoor wireless coverage

Functional range from a 275 outdoors on 5Ghz is approx 200-300m for phones and tablets, and 300-400m for laptops. All clear line of sight, max AP power, etc.


Note that 11ac also works for 2.4Ghz, it's just recommended to use 20Mhz channels only on 2.4GHz.

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