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Outside APs location using Google maps?

We have a site that has about 19 AP124s with external directional antennas.  They are enclosed in an outside enclosure.  


What options do we have to place their location on a map?  Can google maps or anything else be used?


I also want to be able to see the coverage, will this be possible?  Basically I want to be able to see as if using VisualRF. 




Re: Outside APs location using Google maps?

Ariwave shows real time mesh links between different APs. Real time coverage heat maps can only be generated by doing an active site survey. However, you can modelclient coverage data by providing AP locations and antenna selection paramters at  http://outdoorplanner.arubanetworks.com


PS: Planner tool only supports Aruba Outdoor APs. Use  AP175 with chosen antennas to generate the heat map.

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