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PEF Licenses enabled but not active


We have an issue on version where we have the PEF licenses installed and showing as active 10 and enabled but in use is showing as 0 even though we have assigned a user role and some custom rules.


I have never seen this before - even on going to the roles and policies section it displays: "

This section will require PEF license to be installed. Please go to .... to activate license key."


Any ideas why this is not picking up the PEF licenses but shows them enabled succesfully on controller?


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Re: PEF Licenses enabled but not active

When you activated your license key did you use the license passphrase from the Mobility Master or how did you tie your license key to your environment?

Michael Haring
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Re: PEF Licenses enabled but not active is relatively dated, and has reached the Conservative Release declaration ... so my obligatory upgrade message. :)


Since you mentioned you've been able to create custom roles which would need the PEF license to perform, are you seeing any user issues? Does this look more like a UI related issue where things are otherwise functioning correctly? Could you share a screen shot to verify we're thinking the same thing?

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Re: PEF Licenses enabled but not active

Did you enable all of the licenses in your license pool. Make sure that AP, PEF, RF Protect, and MM are all enabled for your Global License pool (or whatever license pool, if you have other pools defined)

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