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PS3 Connection Issues

We have had a somewhat ongoing issue with Playstation 3's working on our network.  All the issues that i have had to work on today have been with the original "fat" ps3 model.  Most of the time i cannot get them to connect to the wifi, they see it, but fail to connect.  I dont see any log entries in clearpass for it so i can only assume its not even getting that far and its something on the controller.  Someback ground: We have 2 SSID's.  1 is our 802.1x network then we have the Guest network which is open but with a Clearpass captive portal registration page.  We have some rules in place on clearpass to profile devices such as Apple tv's, consoles and other devices like this and automatically place them on a certain network. 


They dont show up in the client list on the controller, and i dont know of any way to see a "realtime" list to see if the controller is even logging them trying to connect.  Has anyone else had any issues getting PS3 working? Any simple tips or tricks i can try?  They appear to be B/G radios only, and my first thought was basic rates but we are using the default basic rates on the G radios.


Re: PS3 Connection Issues

Please see this post:



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Re: PS3 Connection Issues

Wow that describes my situation exactly.  I just made the change and am waiting for the student in question to let me know if there is any change for them.  You are Awesome!

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