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PXE Boot?

Recently we upgraded from Cisco switches/router to Enterasys and changed our DHCP server to the Aruba 3400 controller.

Previously, with the DHCP server on a Cisco router, I was able to PXE boot clients for cloning.  To do this, I just added


next-server [IP of Fog cloning server]

bootfile pxelinux.0


to each DHCP Pool.


Has anyone done this on an Aruba Controller?  I can find no documentation how to make this work again and could use some help.




Re: PXE Boot?

It appears that these are DHCP options 66 and 67 (not 100% sure), see this link:




Assuming this is correct, you can set these options in the controller's DHCP server using the "option" command, for example:


ip dhcp pool foo

option 66 ip <server>

option 67 text <filename>


Hope that helps.



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Re: PXE Boot?



Have you guys gotten this to work? I have a customer that this is not working as it should.

The customer have lots of remote offices running RAP's today, after plugging a PXE computer in an ethernetport on the RAP, the client do get an IP and such.

I have included the option 66 and 67 to the DHCP scope.

At this point, the PXE client is not working, TFTP server timeout.

Even tho we have plugged a windows computer into the same port with a tftp client on. Running a this client we are able to download the image.

The funny thing is that when adding an ip helper-addres to the vlan, the PXE client is working all of a sudden.

IP helper-address are forwarding a few UDP ports, so it might make sense that it wont forward broadcasts across L3 connections.

The ip helper-address is pointing towards the TFTP (SCCM) server and not to a external DHCP server.


The customer also have a 620 controller on a larger office, connected to the master via Internet. Local subnets/vlan's are routed thru the master-local IPsec tunnel. This works great for all other stuff, like AP's, RADIUS etc.

Adding the IP helper-address on the 620 controllers VLAN should do the same trick if i'm not mistaken.


But when we try to plug a computer doing PXE boot into a port on the 620, setting up a DHCP scope with the same options and also adding the ip helper-address, the bootp system will not work.


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