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Packet Capture on RAP wired Port



does anyone know how to capture the stream of a wired Ethernet Port on a RAP (205H) on the controller ?


If i use the GUI with:

Monitoring->Controller->AP klick on the AP and then Packet Capture it offers me the "klick" on the blue BSSID Colum and on Radio Type is 80211e2 which could be ethernet2.


This filter option forwards me WLAN traffic with SSID and other unuseful stuff.


The Port of the RAP is set to Tunnel Mode so this is why the controller should be able to sniff.


Is anyone out there who have done this yet ? And how is it getting working ?


My second question is: How can i check the remote MAC of the Client on a RAP wired port ? I currently only know the show ap port status ap-name RAP1 command to see "something" on the Remote Port but not the Client-Side as show mac add int x/x on a switch.


Thanks for help :-)

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