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Packet loss and retransmissions

Are there any guidelines for the amount of packet loss and retransmissions that are considered "normal" or acceptable in wireless networks?  I'm seeing as much as 10% packet loss at times and several retransmissions from my testing.  I don't have a baseline and am not sure if I'm seeing anything out of the ordinary.

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Re: Packet loss and retransmissions

It depends on lots of factor including RF environment. 

IMO, around 1 or 2% should be okay for wireless.


You may want to look into:

1. RF interference

2. Channel busy

3. Noise floor

4. NIC of the laptop - Make sure its running latest driver

5. Amoint of Broadcast multicast traffic


Most of this things you can check on the Aruba controller. User guide can help you in that.

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