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Passing information across Layer 3 link?

Our dark fiber project should be wrapping up in the next month or so to have connections from our elementary schools back to our HS MDF.  Currently we have a 7210 as the controller for our HS access points, but would like to start terminating the elementary access points back to the same controller, since the elementary buildings will be using the HS's internet connection.


Is this setup possible?  I have attached a diagram below of what I am trying to achieve.


Basically VLANs 500,501,and 502 only exist at the elementary building, but if I were to create the VLANs on the HS Core and HS Controller, would the controller then be able to put the elementary school clients on the correct VLAN?


Thank you.Building Connection Aruba Diagram.jpg


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Re: Passing information across Layer 3 link?

The access points will tunnel the traffic back to the controller. If the VLANs are only used for wireless, remove those VLANs from the Elementary L3 and move them to HS L3. Your routing might start to get a little messy so make sure you have that correct

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