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Passpoint / Hotspot 2.0 Not working with AP 205's

Setting up Passpoint / Hotspot 2.0 / 802.11u and having issues getting it to work with AP 205s...


I've got a 3600 and a 7010 controller that if I connect an AP 105 to them, the configuration works and devices connect to the network.  If I instead use an AP 205, devices will not connect.  


To test, in a lab, I connect the AP 205 to the network, confirm it is online and working with usual wireless networks and then turn on wireless on the device that can connect via passpoint.  It doesn't connect. I disable wireless ont he device, unplug the AP 205, plug in an AP 105, confirm it's working, enable wireless on the device and it connects.  I do this with both the 3600 controller and the 7010 controller.


Any ideas as to why the AP 205 wouldn't work?


Has anyone else had issues or success with the AP 205s and passpoint?






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Re: Passpoint / Hotspot 2.0 Not working with AP 205's

I've also been able to tes things with an AP115 and an AP215, and they work just fine... so it's just something with the 50 or so AP 205's we have.

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