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Password recovery for MSR4000

Does anyone know what the password recovery procedure is for the MSR4000 wireless router? I have tried forgetme! procedure from console mentioned in other posts probably relating to different aruba device but have had no success. I need to reset password without losing configuration. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Password recovery for MSR4000

I have done some digging but could not identify the procedure.  I am not saying the procedure doesn't exisit but just that I could not find it quickly.  If you need is urgent, I reccomend you get a TAC going by dialing 800-WIFI-LAN.

Re: Password recovery for MSR4000



There is a way to do this but it has to be done by TAC personnel via a remote login or webex where they control an SSH login.


There is no customer-serviceable method to do this at this time.


Please call 800-WIFI-LAN and open a case for assistance by an outdoor engineer.


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