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Per SSID Traffic Management



I need a sanity check on a feature that I'm thinking of enabling. Our requirement is to apply some bandwidth limitation on our guest network, in the form of a per-user limit and also a limit on the entire SSID as a whole. For the per-user component I've added a bw-contract (per-user) and that's fine. However for the per-SSID component I'm thinking of also adding a '802.11a/g Traffic Management Profile' to use Fair-access' and also give the guest user VAP a 'proportional BW allocation' of 40% with the 'enforcement' set to soft.


If I do this am I correct in assuming that the guest network will be capped at 40% of the available airtime/bandwidth when the radio interface is consider 100% utilised (I assume this is measure in channel utilisation?), and when it's not there will be no bw limitation?


Also am I correct in assuming with the other SSID's (lets say 5 other SSIDs), that they will be capped and share at the remaining 60% when the radio is considered 100% utilised? I'm planning to not configure any bandwidth allocation to these SSID and assume they will simply share the reminder of the bandwidth is this correct?


I've conisdered a bw-contact for the guest role, but I don't want to permentantly police the guest to a specific number, I'd like the bw limitation to be dynamic so guest can burst past the limit if there is free bandwidth available.


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Re: Per SSID Traffic Management

There is no burstable restriction on user traffic, whether by bandwidth contracts or the traffic management profile.  They are all policed caps on traffic, with Bandwidth contracts being the most exact.


Of both of the methods, traffic management profiles are the most difficult to troubleshoot if problems arise and you should probably defer to the more predictable per-user bandwidth contract when possible.

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