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Pinging Campus APs Issue

Hey All,


We recently deployed a couple cap's in a building that terminate to a local controller also located in the same building.  The layer 3 routing occurs on a core switch that the controller connects to.  The subnet in which the controller and cap's reside is a routable subnet known to the rest of our network.  The issue that I am having is I can ping the controller IP anywhere on the network but I cannot ping any of the cap's on the same subnet.  We have a similar setup in another building and we can ping those cap's no problem.  I've combed through the configs but haven't been able to come up with anything.  Anyone have any suggestions?






Re: Pinging Campus APs Issue

Do your campus APS got their Default gateway correctly set?


If the Wireless controller and the AP are on the same subnet, the AP will communicate correctly to the Wireless controller, but  noone on another vlan will see them...

And as he just need to terminate his tunnel to the controller he actually should not need the default gateways and it will work but well.. you should put the correct default gateway...


Can you check the default gateway that the AP has?


If it reciving it through the DHCP server, check on the DHCP server that the gateway is correctly set

If it was statically set, then check on AP installation what default gateway it has..




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Re: Pinging Campus APs Issue

I figured out what my problem was - I didn't have "Enable Inter-Vlan Routing" checked off on the VLAN that the controler and APs reside on.  DOH!

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