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Pings to OpenDNS not Desired

I've got a dual M3/AOS 6.0 system and my internet firewalls are casting off a number of outbound pings to OpenDNS from the controller IP.  Only my guest profile uses OpenDNS.  The Controller address is the PAT address for the guest users.  The guest policy does not permit ICMP, so it appears to be the controller itself.  Am I correct, and how would I fix?  I will be pointing guest users to a new DNS server in our DMZ in the future obviating the problem, but wanted to understand the behavior anyway.


Jim Arens

Aruba Employee

Re: Pings to OpenDNS not Desired

Are you using the default "guest-logon" policy?  It could be clients in the pre-logon role sending ICMP to the DNS server and I think guest-logon allows ICMP.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Re: Pings to OpenDNS not Desired

I'm with Olin on this one, can you print out your logon and guest policies and post them?



Andy Logan, ACDX
Director, Strategic Account Solutions
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