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Placing External antennas in different locations

I have a scenario where the walls are made of steel.


There is a corridor and there are rooms on left and right side of corridor.

I tried doing a site survey using IAp-225 in corridor but signal is very bad in side rooms.


Can i install IAP-224 in the corridor and put its 3 antenna put in 3 different rooms using Pigtails cable.( Like example shown in pic attached)


If yes, then plesae suggest the best antenna.

If no, Then please provide the explanation for my understanding.


Thanks in advance. :)

Re: Placing External antennas in different locations



If you want signal in three different places, you need three different access points. The antennas in the AP all work together, if you split them up you are just going to confuse the 'brains' of the AP.


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Re: Placing External antennas in different locations

As Alexander stated, this will not work at all.


Well, it will work if there is ever only one client on the AP at any given time. When there is two more clients on differnt antennas, performance will drop to zero. 

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