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Playing MP4 video from SkyDrive on iPad fails

We are using AOS on M3/6000 controllers in a Master/Local configuration.  We have a VAP/ESSID (WPA2-Enterprise) for secure dot1x access and the role that is applied once authenticated allows ALL traffic.  Nothing is blocked.  However, when we try to play a MP4 video using the SkyDrive app on the iPad the video will not play.  The error message displayed on the iPad isn't very descript, "The Video Can't Be Played."  The same iPad on the same ESSID network can play the video from the browser on the skydrive.com website.  I also tested on my Macbook and iMac connected to the same ESSID as the iPad is connected.  The video plays.  Of course, this is in a browser and shouldn't be any different than using the browser on the iPad.


At first I thought this was an iPad or, more specifically, the SkyDrive app on the iPad.  However, when I connect the iPad to my Verizon Wireless MiFi device (WPA2-PSK), the app plays the MP4 video just fine.  It is only the iPad app on the WPA2-Enterprise network.


Any thoughts?

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Re: Playing MP4 video from SkyDrive on iPad fails

I should add that nothing is being blocked when I look at the datapath which is consistent with the "allow all" policy.

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