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Please help "secure.arubanetworks.com unexpectedly"

Hi All


Firstof all,Im DUke,I also need to tell you i'm very poor in Network.


Now I've go a problem with wireless connection in the customer site. It's seems like trying to re-direct to secure logon screen but got an error as below. 


secure.arubanetworks.com unexpectedly closed the connection.


you can see more from the attached.


I've tunred off for firewall,antivirus and re-config still same error. I also aske the security team of the customer to check they asking me to try with Firefox,IE, Google still same problem. They were checking on thier ssytem and they siad everything fine,the problem is from my laptop.


Can anyone help me and suggest me to check anything else?


Thank you in advance



Re: Please help "secure.arubanetworks.com unexpectedly"

Hi Duke,



have a look onto Tim's post: http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Controller-Based-WLANs/ArubaOS-Default-Certificate-Revocation-FAQ-Controllers/ta-p/275809



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Re: Please help "secure.arubanetworks.com unexpectedly"

Thank you so much 

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