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Poe managment profile question

Hello i was wondering if this apply to all models of mobility access switchs? 3500,2500, and 1500 series? of course all the poe ones


The following command configures a time range for daytime working hours:
(host) (config) #time-range-profile sample
(host) (config) #mode periodic
(host) (config) #periodic start-day daily start-time 7:00 end-day daily end-time 18:00



For exampe those command would mean that they would turn off the POE at 6pm and would start poe at 7am for power saving

Which means it will save energy not only for the APs as it will be able to turn off anything powered by poe like Ipphones, APS or anything else


Another quetions regarding this

Are you able to select the ports you want for this? for example if i got a switch of 24 APS and i just want this to work on ports from 1 to 14 and from 18 to 24 i can do it?


I bealive you assign the profile to the port...

I ask becasue i don thave a demo of this equipment YET... and i cannot test by myselft


Third quetion


I would be able to do everything on the CLI command of aruba OS 7.2 on all models of aruba mobility switches?


Stuff like managing it from the Controller, and everything that a 3500 can do? would i be able to do everything i can do in a s1500? i mean doing everything i can do on a s3500 on a s1500?




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Re: Poe managment profile question


Answer to question 1: Yes "time-range-profile" is supported on all Mobility Access Switches. And yes, when applied it would impact any PoE device, not just APs.


Answer to question 2: You apply the "time-range-profile" to a "poe-profile" and that profile is then applied to an interface therefore if you wanted this to only affect a subset of physical ports, you would apply a different "poe-profile" which had the "time-range-profile" applied to it just for those ports.


Answer to question 3: All features are supported across all platforms with the exception of ArubaStack on the S1500s. It provided in AOS 7.2.2.X as an "early access" feature for demonstration and proof of concept purposes only. We will make it an officially supported later this fall with AOS 7.3.


There are some scaling differences between the S1500 and S2500/S3500 such as MAC Address Table size (8k versus 12k) and hardware queues (4 versus 8). I recommend the following matrix to understand the hardware and scaling differences between the platforms.




Lastly, you made a comment about "managing it from the Controller". You can manage security policies from a Mobility Controller if the Mobility Access Switch is configured for tunneled node but there is no device management from the Mobility Controller side. If you are looking for that, I highly recommend looking at Airwave 7.7 which has a robust Mobility Access Switch management capability.


Best regards,



Re: Poe managment profile question


Thank you very much!!



Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp
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