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Point-to-Point Mesh dropping with AP-175



I installed a point-to-point wireless mesh using the Aruba AP-175's for a customer about three years ago. The link has run flawlessly transporting data and VoIP traffic up until about a few months ago when the VoIP phones at the remote end of the link started dropping calls and losing connectivity to the phone system for brief periods of 15-30 seconds. Just long enough to cause calls to drop but within 15-30 seconds the phones are active again.


I've looked all the obvious things such as losing power to the AP-175's at either end, the Aruba controller that manages the Mesh going down etc. With all those items ruled out, I'm wondering if there is a way from the controller (Aruba 3400) CLI to debug or monitor the mesh link that might provide me with information as to what is causing the intermittent drops. 


The AP-175's are about 500 yards apart from one another with a clear line of site. As I stated, they have performed well for ~ 3 years up until a few months ago.


Any information on how I might debug this mesh link would be greatly appreciated.





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Re: Point-to-Point Mesh dropping with AP-175



you can start checking the Antenna orientation. what is the code version of the controller is running ?

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Re: Point-to-Point Mesh dropping with AP-175

From your description, it sounds most like something environmental has changed, possibly in the interference environment.


Can you please capture the output of these commands and email to chuck@arubanetworks.com?


show tech-support

show ap debug radio-stats ap-name <PORTAL> radio 0 advanced

show ap debug radio-stats ap-name <POINT> radio 0 advanced


substitute the appropriate AP names in the two debug commands.