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Point to Point struggles with AP-125 and AP-175!

Hi All, 

I am trying to build a short hop point-to-point link to provide some service to a spot lacking any other data cabling. The haul is short, maybe a 100 ft with clear line of sight, etc. I purchased a AP-125 for the indoor side of link and have a AP-175 on the outside. For the life of me, I cannot get the bridge to establish with these two devices!! When i swap out the AP-125 for a AP-105, the link comes up right away. I am using a AP-ANT-5016 on the AP-175 and just the integrated antenna's on the AP-125. i also tried an AP-124 with a directional antenna and was unable to build the link with this on either!!


Anyone have any thoughts? Comments? Ideas?


Thanks All!


Re: Point to Point struggles with AP-125 and AP-175!

Interesting scenario.


I like Mesh links and have seen all kinds....


A quick question to level-set here:   which AOS version are you using?


As an aside, the AP125 is not a recommended AP to be using for a point to point link.     The AP124 would be a better candidate... however both would pale in comparison to using an AP-92 for the application.     The AP12x series, while it works, is more pricey than the AP-9x series... unless of course you have some surplus AP-12x sitting around and that is the reason to prefer those?


The other item I would note is that the AP-ANT-5016 is not a recommended antenna for the AP-175 as its non-MIMO.    You mention one antenna, do you actually mean 2 x AP-ANT-5016 on the AP-175 side ?



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Re: Point to Point struggles with AP-125 and AP-175!

As was mentioned earlier the 5016 will not give you 11n speeds between the 125 and 175.  


The first thing that pops into my head is that your portal is using indoor 5Ghz channels.  The 175 will not be able to connect to the 125 if it is not using channels 149-165. 


do a 'show ap active ap-name <AP125's name here>' and you should see something like this


Active AP Table
Name         Group         IP Address      11g Clients  11g Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP  11a Clients  11a Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP  AP Type  Flags  Uptime         Outer IP
----         -----         ----------      -----------  -------------------  -----------  -------------------  -------  -----  ------         --------
mesh-portal  mesh+service  0            AP:HT:1/20.5/20.5    0            MPP+AP:HT:48-/4/21   125      E2aMK  9d:11h:1m:14s  N/A


Note the 11a CH my mesh portal is on is 48-, this means it would not be able to talk to an outdoor mesh point.  



If that is not the case then I would verify you are plugged into the right ports on the 175, should be using R0-1 and R0-2 (stamped 4&5).   

Marcus Wehmeyer
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