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Point-to-point setup with 2 MST200.

I have a MST200 on each side.

Configured the following:

Host Name


Management IP

Security Type

Security Key

Max Allowed Links.


I can see the links up for each AP,  just not able to pass any traffic.  They are plugged into an ALcatel switch on boths sided to a trunk port.


what am I missing on the AP side or dothe switch ports need a different config?


Re: Point-to-point setup with 2 MST200.


What is your ethernet configuration configured as? A sample would be:


interface gigabit-ethernet 0 

 mode gateway

 switchport trunk allowed-vlan 100,150

 switchport trunk native vlan 100



interface vlan 100

 ip address 

 mtu 1500

Jerrod Howard
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Re: Point-to-point setup with 2 MST200.

interface gigabit-ethernet 0
mode none
switchport trunk allowed-vlan 1,3,7,202,302,620
switchport trunk native vlan 7

interface loopback 0
ip address from-mac

interface vlan 7
description data
ip address
mtu 1500



I have changed the mode to gateway,  should this only be set on the one side?


at each side the AP's are connected to an Alcatel-Lucent switch with the following ports vlans.


MS-IDF4-6450-> show vlan port 1/5

  vlan     type      status


     3    qtagged   forwarding

     7    default   forwarding

   202    qtagged   forwarding

   302    qtagged   forwarding

   620    qtagged   forwarding

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