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Pointing Aruba controller to external DNS



I have been tasked with changing the DNS on our Aruba Controller to an external DNS server.


Does anyone know where I would make this change on the controller?


Controller is in Los Angeles and external DNS server is in AZ.


Any help would be appreicated.



Re: Pointing Aruba controller to external DNS


I'am not sure if it will do it (And if i understand your question right)

But,If this is controller-based, you need to be running the latest ArubaOs 6.1.3.x and turn on DNS name resolution:

Via CLI:

config t

ip dns-server




Give it a try.





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Re: Pointing Aruba controller to external DNS

Hi Kdisc - We are currently on We had issues upgrading in the past and had to revert back to this version. Looks like there have been a few updates so I will probably revisit the update.


So this option is not available on




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Re: Pointing Aruba controller to external DNS

Just to clarify, are you trying to change the DNS your controller uses to look up records, or the DNS your wireless clients use?

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