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Poisoning the AP remotely

I have RAP's deployed at remote site and connects to controllers via public connection. Is there a way to poison a RAP (remove configs) remotely even if its not live on network. If yes, please let me know the procedure. Thanks

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Re: Poisoning the AP remotely

You can re-provision the RAP with a non-existent controller IP, but it has to be online on the controller for the re-provisioning to work.

If you want to remove entire configuration then you should reset the RAP for which you need physical access to the RAP.

Hope that answers your question.

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Re: Poisoning the AP remotely

Thanks for your reply. Actually, I am very much aware about re-provisioning the RAP while its live on network or removing the configs by getting into AP's console/hard reset to factory defaults.


I was looking to poison the RAP while its in offline mode. I believe this is not possible and AP has to be online to modify the configs.

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Re: Poisoning the AP remotely

We have come up with a procedure that accomplishes this to some extent.


Create an AP group called "DisabledAP" or something similar.  Configure it with the following settings:


  rf dot11a-radio-profile "A_disabled"

     no radio-enable


  rf dot11g-radio-profile "G_disabled"

     no radio-enable


  ap wired-port-profile "Locked"



  ap-group "DisabledAP"

     dot11a-radio-profile "A_disabled"

     dot11g-radio-profile "G_disabled"

     enet1-port-profile "Locked"



Then from the RAP Provisioning page, put the RAP in that group.  The next time the AP comes online, it will receive a new configuration which disables the ethernet1 port and both radios.


Does that accomplish your goal?




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