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Policy Based Routing, more than one internet provider

Hello Community,

I have the following scenario. I have a master controller in my head quarter and a local controller with some AccessPoints in a branch office.

Until now I have one SSID "internal" that is mapped to a VLAN on the local Controller, that works fine. The controllers default gateway is on the same interface but in a management-VLAN.


But now I want to create 2 guest networks with 2 seperate WAN-Connections and captive portal. The controller have to act as router for the clients and have to do NAT. I saw the option "configuration > IP > next-hop". Is it right that I have to create 2 new entries "WAN1" and "WAN2" with the IP addresses of the router from the provider?

And than create a List under "Security > Access Control" for the guest with a policy type route? 

I attach a file with a drawing of the planned scenario.

Thanks for your help. 


Regards, Steffen

Re: Policy Based Routing, more than one internet provider



I'm not sure about the next-hop settings on the controller, however you can do what you're suggesting using External Services Interface (ESI) routing on the controller.






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