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Port Forwarding rules


I would like to know how to do port forwarding in Aruba, and could this be applied to CAP and RAP and if RAP is configured as split tunnel, is it possible to configure a port forwarding rule? if yes. how?.


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Re: Port Forwarding rules

Port forwarding should only be configured in the form of a dst-nat ACL on the wired port of a controller that is a public interface.  


For example, if the wired physical port of a controller has a public address of and you have an internal host ( that needs to be reached on port 80, you would do the following;


config t
ip access-list session "port-forward"
any host any dst-nat ip 80 queue low
vlan 20
interface vlan 20
ip address
interface gigabitethernet 2/0
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan 20
ip access-group "port-forward" session




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Re: Port Forwarding rules


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