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Port blocking STP

I have a customer who has just had a 7210 controller installed and we are having some connectivity issues to the controller. Every couple of hours the switchport which is an HP switch cycles through its STP port states. I have spanning-tree disabled on the controller and the issue is seen on the controllers 0/0/0 port which is configured as a trunk. The only other port connected is 0/0/1 which is an access port in a VLAN that does not cross the trunk - no issues seen on this port. I have downloaded the logs from the controller, so is there a file in there where I can see the port up/down events to see if this is triggering the HP port to run STP. I admit I do not know much about HP switches so if this sounds wrong please correct me.


switch output -

I 05/01/14 08:48:44 00076 ports: port C2 is now on-line
I 05/01/14 08:47:54 00435 ports: port C2 is Blocked by STP
I 05/01/14 08:32:36 00076 ports: port C2 is now on-line
I 05/01/14 08:32:32 00435 ports: port C2 is Blocked by STP

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Re: Port blocking STP

the network log on the controller would show you if there are any port up/down events.

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