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Post deployment survey doesn't pick up any signal on 5 Ghz band

Hi, We have done a survey after deploying Aruba 7210 with 225 APs with ac support, we have both bands enabled on the controller but for some sites 5 Ghz band is not active. (couldn't detect any signal) we suspect that it may be an issue with POE+ since some of the locations doesn't have POE+ enabled switches. is it possible to have both 2.4 and 5 Ghz active with POE? if yes then what cause this issue in our scenario? Thanks.
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Re: Post deployment survey doesn't pick up any signal on 5 Ghz band

An ap225 will still broadcast on the 5ghz band with regular POE without any restrictions.


I would type "show ap bss-table" to see what access points are broadcasting what SSIDs on what bands.


You may also want to check your survey software to make sure it was scanning on the 5ghz band or, of you are using DFS channels at those sites, that it was scanning those channels when you take the survey.  In addition, if you have your survey software to scan  all 5ghz channels, there are quite a few channels to go through and a single click might not have cycled through all the channels to capture the channels that your APs are broadcasting.


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