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Power and channels by regulatory domain

Hi guys,


I am interested on knowing the power and channels limits that regulatory domains set for the different countries, specially for my country, which is Peru. Do you know any source for finding that? I have tried to find that on the internet but is not easy.





Re: Power and channels by regulatory domain

For most countries, a generic set of channels and power levels (typically by band) is available, which applies to all products.

Additional restrictions may apply based on specific RF requirements and test results of individual products. Band-edge and out-of-band emissions are typical examples of such requirements which may force us to limit the in-band power below the generic limits.

You may be able to find the generic limits, but the actual limits we apply in our products may be more strict and are not published.

For an Aruba controller-based system, you can check the list of supported channels (but not power limits) using the following CLI command:

- show ap allowed-channels country-code <country-code> ap-type <ap-type>

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