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Powering an AP from 7005 (802.3af)

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to set up a 7005 controller with 225 (I)AP and I'm not able to have the AP powered from port 0. The only thing mentioning PoE I was able, was this:


"You can either connect the AP directly to a port on the controller, or connect the AP to another
switch or router that has Layer-2 or Layer-3 connectivity to the controller. If the Ethernet port on the
controller is an 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) port, the AP automatically uses it to power up." (from the Quick Start Guide).


Thing is, my AP is not powering up. Are there any special requirements or commands that have to be issued to the controller to have its 0/0/0 port PoE enabled? I really do hope those PoE markings on this port do not _only_ mean the controller itself can be powered over ethernet...


Please let me know, thanks!

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Re: Powering an AP from 7005 (802.3af)

The 7005 doesn't provide PoE
Thank you

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Re: Powering an AP from 7005 (802.3af)

It does actually mean that you can power the controller with PoE.  It won't provide power to another device.

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Re: Powering an AP from 7005 (802.3af)

Thanks Victor, Michael. That would explain a lot.

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