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Pre-sales Wireless Requirement Questions

Hi Airheads


Im looking to put a document together for use when engaging with customers on Wireless requirements. 


Any input would be appreciated.


The few questions that I have are:


Networking Infrastructure Questions:
1. What is the Speed of the LAN? 10/100/1000 Mbps?
2. Is the current infrastructure POE enabled?
Wireless Requirements
1. What type of traffic will be running over the wireless?
a. Voice 
b. Data
c. Video
2. What areas will need coverage?
a. Can floorplans be provided?
b. Which are the key areas?
c. Which areas are not key areas but are nice to have areas
d. Which areas are the dense areas? With high volume of users? How many users are in this area?
3. What type of devices will be connecting to the network?
a. Are the devices primarly 2.4/5/both GHZ capable?





Aruba Employee

Re: Pre-sales Wireless Requirement Questions

1 - What type of devices


2 - SSID requirements





3 - What 802.11 support is needed by the devices






4 -  Authenticator in use at customer site





Re: Pre-sales Wireless Requirement Questions

To expand on this...   in my experience most times the level of discussion gets you to the "high level design" rather than to the nitty gritty of enabling 'knob' x or 'knob' y.   That's your 'value' as consultant to figure out which levers to push/pull based on the high level requirements.


So with that in mind here are some areas I would guide the discussion and let the site say whats on their mind in these areas ?


- Capabilities of devices (e.g. which standard they support  802.11 a/b/g/2.4n/5.0n)


- How important is it to engineer in High Availability (H.A.) ?   e.g. if the network goes down is this acceptable or catostrophic or somewhere in between ?


- WOuld you like HA at the controller level ?   e.g. are you OK some cost to make sure the 'brain' in the system is 1+1 ?

- Would you like HA at the LAN level ?   e.g. are you OK some cost to make sure the 'LAN' in the system is  diverse ?

- Would you like HA at the AP level ?   e.g. are you OK some cost to make sure there are a few 'extra' APs in the system to enhance redundancy and thus boost Availability ?


- Do you need guest access ?   How would you like that to work ?   e.g.  receptionist, self provisioning ?  both?  neither (K.I.S.S.)


- Who will manage the network after its put in ?  e.g. put in a hook for an Airwave discussion/attachment.

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