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Prevent use of credit card readers on SSID



I need to setup an SSID for an outside group (facility rental) over a weekend.  I want to prevent any of these users from using a credit card swipe device over wireless.  I don't care if they use cellular data to make retail sales on their phones, but it cannot be on our network.   Previously, I've setup an open network on just one AP for only the hours the event is taking place and locked it down to dhcp,dns, http and https.  What needs to be blocked for the Square and other swiping devices not to work?




Re: Prevent use of credit card readers on SSID

For Square, you can block the web-addresses: *.squareup.com, but it uses ports 80 and 443, so you won't be able to distinguish transactions from browsing. It's probably the same for the other services.


Each will require a search for something like "square firewall rule" - which is how I found the sitename above.


Sounds like  aloosing battle.

We gave up that battle for our internally hosted transaction clients, and just monitor the outbound streams to make sure that they are indeed using HTTPS and TLS1.2



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Re: Prevent use of credit card readers on SSID

Is anyone actively attempting to keep these devices off your wireless network?  If so, how?

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