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Probe Response Threshold Within IAP Platform

Over the last year I have worked on several mobility opportunities. The one concern that pops up is the concern of someone stealing wireless connectivity from the parking lot. That is when I reference ClearPass and the ability to restrict users based on time, day, etc. People feel better, but what some really want is to ensure that the person never gets on the network. Within mobility controllers, an administrator can configure a probe response threshold so that, for example, a device cannot connect to the network if the signal strength is -77 dBm.

Within the IAP platform does a similar functionality exist? In addition, is there a way to configure an IAP cluster to drop a client if the signal strength is, for example, -77 dBm? That would ensure that someone does not walk into a location just to get wireless access and walk back to the parking lot and use the network? If the answer is no, what are some alternatives?

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Re: Probe Response Threshold Within IAP Platform

The local probe threshold is available on IAPs.  Consult page 88 of the Aruba Instant User Guide.

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