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Travel experience of Binh Hung Island: playboy, train tickets.


Binh Hung Island belongs to Cam Ranh citadel located at the foot of the mountain pass of Binh Tien seaway. The island is green, the long, white sandy beaches, cool water attract visitors. This place is like a jewel in the middle of the sea, no artificial intervention should preserve the natural beauty. A guide and a fun Binh Hung Island travel experience will take you to the most complete Binh Hung Island tour.

Experience in Binh Hung Island tourism 2019 is self-sufficient

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Introducing Binh Hung Island

Experience of tourism in Binh Hung Island shows that this is a pure unpolished pearl of Cam Ranh commune, Khanh Hoa, also known as Ty or Chut islands. The beach is smaller than Nha Trang and Mui Ne but Binh Hung Island has its own beauty thanks to the clear sea for you to admire the beauty of the coral reefs on the sea floor. The sea here is not deep, gentle form, rocks with all strange shapes look fun, you can also take pictures here if you want.

The fishermen here live off the sea, the simple houses facing the sea look neatly, especially the fresh air here, the roads are clean, giving you a very interesting experience in the island Binh Hung.


The right time to travel Binh Hung island

Traveling to Binh Hung Island at a beautiful and safe time? Apart from September and October of the five remaining time is a suitable time to travel to Binh Hung Island, but the most ideal time to travel to Binh Hung Island is the summer because of the cool summer climate in Binh Hung, the sea. Smooth, white sand, clear sea water for sea tourism.


How to move, train ticket price to Binh Hung island

There are many ways to get to Binh Hung Island, if you depart from Hanoi or Saigon you can go by plane, bus, train to Cam Ranh then go to Binh Hung Island here is how to go moved to Binh Hung Island fastest, most convenient.

Traveling by plane: There are many airlines that can take you to Cam Ranh during the day, actually traveling by plane can save you a lot of time, and this is the most convenient means of transportation. You should hunt cheap flight tickets of Binh Hung, there are many flights with discounts up to 50%
Traveling by train: you should find information about Thong Nhat train to Thap Cham station then take a taxi to Bai Kinh - Binh Tien and you will see Binh Hung Island.
Transfer by coach: From Ho Chi Minh City you catch the car companies Phuong Trang, Phuong Nam, Mai Linh ... down to Cam Ranh and catch the train to Binh Hung Island.


From Cam Ranh city along National Highway 1A to Ninh Thuan, go another 15km along Binh Lap - Binh Tien road to Binh Hung Island then take the train to the island for about 10 minutes with the train ticket price to Binh Hung Island is 10k one way , add motorbikes: 10k, electric cars on the island to serve tourists from the wharf to the lighthouse about 20k / person / one way.

How to travel to Binh Hung Island by convenient means? If you want to travel on the island by yourself, the means of transportation on Binh Hung Island are mainly boats, sitting on the boat you can watch the coral reefs under the blue water. If you want to rent a motorbike in Binh Hung Island, contact the motels, motels at prices 120k-150k, but the most interesting is walking the island.


Lodging on the island of Binh Hung


Where to travel to Binh Hung Island is beautiful and cheap? According to the full experience of Binh Hung Island tourism, you can stay in a raft, camping, homestay or renting hotels and motels on Binh Hung Island.

Homestay: you can contact the fishermen here to be at their houses at a very attractive price of 100k / person, the fishermen here are very enthusiastic, thoughtful

Lodging: you can rent a fisherman's hostel for 80k / person, good air-conditioned rooms are about 100k / person

Camping: this is the method that many young people choose when traveling to Binh Hung island dust, choosing a beautiful beach in Binh Hung and overnight camping very interesting.

Discover Binh Hung Island tourism - beautiful destinations not to be missed

Binh Tien Beach

Binh Tien Beach is the most beautiful place on Binh Hung Island, this is a pristine beach, with pristine beauty a lot of tourists choose this place as a fun destination when traveling to Binh Hung Island, taking photos and checking in. du lich the gioi This wonderful beach

The beach here is spread with white sand, golden sunshine, light and cool sea water, suitable for bathing and sunbathing on the beach.


Bai Kinh

Bai Kinh is the first stop of the Binh Hung Island tour, this is also the place where anchors and boats of fishermen are docked. This beach is very beautiful for walking around the beach and swimming. In addition, you can catch the train through the beach for 100k / time, the train runs continuously throughout the day so you can go at any time.

You can rent a tent, camp for 100k / tent so you can stay with your family and friends to stay longer on the clearest water in this Binh Hung tourist area.


Hon Chut Lighthouse

In the Binh Hung tour schedule, follow the road to Hon Bu mountain to Hon Chut lighthouse, this lighthouse is over 100 years old, standing at the highest position of the lighthouse you can observe the activity. entry of boats on the island, overlooking the East Sea.


Sweet Water Beach

Do you feel curious in front of the blue, salty beach outside, inside is a cave with cool fresh water, do not miss the opportunity to admire the Sweet Water Beach. You can take a bath both fresh water and sea water here, as well as admire the rich creatures in this unique sea. This is also the most beautiful place to admire and take pictures in Binh Hung.


Rock eggs

Rock Egg Beach is the beauty that comes into your retina first when it comes to the giant egg stone beach on Binh Hung Island. The stones are big, smooth, round. From Hon Chut lighthouse, you walk to the right and go down to this beautiful stone beach, but in this cheap Binh Hung Island tour, you must have good health so you should go to the rock stone beach.


Banana Beach

Listening to the name of Bai Chuoi, you will probably imagine the island nation full of bananas, but not so, because the sea here is green with banana trees, the Banana Beach is the widest sandy area on Binh Hung Island, the water level in This is very deep. The sand here is very clean but the waves here are very big, so you must have a life jacket or you must be a good swimmer to explore.


Experience eating when traveling on Binh Hung Island
What to eat in Binh Hung Island? There are many fresh seafood on Binh Hung Island, specialties in Binh Hung Island are extremely rich and diverse.


Lobster: lobster is considered as a famous specialty on Binh Hung Island. Red, blue and pink lobsters are delicious lobsters on Binh Hung Island. Lobster is simply processed to keep the freshness: porridge, baked, delicious, greasy. The dish of lobster blood mixed with wine is also quite popular.


Hemp: prickly, also known as nhum, du lich delicious food easy to prepare, grilled with butter, eaten raw with mustard, distilled with eggs is also very attractive and interesting. Dishes from nhum are both delicious and nutritious, valuable remedies for health.

Squid soup: Squid soup is an attractive dish on Binh Hung Island, with raw materials from fresh squid and rice flour. Dough is coated in the mold then, put the squid on the rice flour, within minutes you have a hot, sweet cake.

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