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Problem debugging a single user

Hi guys,


I am trying to debug a single user following the procedure of this thread:




I enabled debugging for a single user, and then I tried to see the logs for that user with "show log user-debug all" (which should show only debug messages for the MAC addresses I added), but it showed debug messages for many MAC addresses. With the comand "show debug" I realized debugging was enabled for several users or MAC addresses, so I disabled them with "no logging level debug user-debug <mac address of client>". When I tried again "show log user-debug all", now it showed debug messages for only two MAC addresses, the one I added at the beggining and another one, but I deleted the debugging for this other MAC address, and the "show debug" shows only the MAC address I added at the beggining. Finally I can see debug messages for the user I added with ""show log user-debug all | in <mac address of client>", and it makes its job, but according to the previous thread, when you enable debugging for a specific user with "logging level debugging user-debug <mac address of user>", the command "show log user-debug all" will show only debug messages for the MAC addresses you added.

The same for the command "show auth-tracebuf", it shows auth messages for the MAC address I added and for the other one.

Am I missing something? Attached the logs.




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